Symbolic CORE of Recursive Engines

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Our group finds patterns that emerge in the real world. Our goal is to seek and uncover hidden meanings in all data structures. We use the found patterns/shapes to optimize and create. Technically,  we apply all the tools one can be expert on to translate the pure meaning of symbols/numbers into clear, well formulated sentences.


Pattern as a Service (PaaS)

The art of discovering and forecasting is at the heart of every successful entrepreneurship. This is done when we, as human beings, perceive the patterns around us, when we understand how our Universe works. This is what we have to offer for your business: harness the power of the hidden patterns to optimize and grow. We use three main pillars to do our work:


Computer Science




Artificial Intelligence

"[...] When I am done I want you to do the following: look at those numbers, all those little numbers and Greek letters on the board, and repeat to yourselves, 'This is reality', repeat it over and over"

- José Carlos Somoza, psychiatrist and writer


We deliver tailor made AI and pattern-based solutions in a partnership with your business. We have experience delivering REST APIs, performing cloud computing and gathering data from the web. Our engines are powered full throttle by cutting edge science, as we at SymCORE are experienced scientists with published contributions in scientific journals.



Ernany Schmitz

​PhD in Nuclear Physics

Ernany holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics, supervised by Prof. Dr. Manuel Drees at University of Bonn, where he proposed explanations and hypotheses to the elusive Dark Matter. Currently Ernany unifies Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning to cross boundaries between human-computer communication.

Jairo Girotto

IT Technician

DevOp with over twenty years of experience in the IT industry. He has been a computer enthusiast since the early 90s, when he purchased his first personal computer, in order to introduce his young son, Matheus, to the digital world. Jairo is a Linux administrator and Java developer.

Matheus Girotto

PhD in Computational Physics

Matheus holds a PhD in Computational Physics, supervised by Prof. Dr. Yan Levin at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Together, they developed algorithms in computational theory to simulate a new class of nanodevices - capacitors operating at the molecular level. Currently Matheus is unifying computer science, physics and business theory.